Living in Vermont

Vermont is a wonderful place from which to write. Being snowbound is the perfect inspiration for spending lots of time in other worlds of my own invention. And as a lover of history, I find you can't beat small New England towns, their old buildings, and their feisty old-timers with stories to tell. Our five acres are home to a dozen chickens, two dogs, and two cats as well as ourselves. Proximity to the Green Mountains, Boston, and the rocky coast of Maine rounds out a perfect place to live and work.

A love of old things

My house is a log cabin built by my husband and me thirty-plus years ago, and one of my favorite possessions is the old turqoise-and-cream-colored woodburning cookstove that resides on a brick hearth in our kitchen. Our living room walls hold old two-man saws, ice tongs for those big chunks harvested from frozen lakes, and old webbed snowshoes worn by my husband's grandfather when he was out in the sugarbush. Cast iron pans and griddles provide my favorite way to cook!

A touch of paranormal

Time-travel has interested me ever since I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells as a teenager. While I'm not in any hurry to try it myself, the opportunity to send a character on an adventure in another time or place is one that offers all kinds of possibilities. I find writing itself to be a form of time-travel, for the process completely transports me to the time and place I'm writing about, whether it's real or fictional, For now, that's enough.